Marc and his trusty assistant “Ravishing Russ the Receptionist” sit in for Hannah White with a 3 hour Soul, Jazz, Funk and Boogaloo selection on Solar Radio. A chat with Incognito vocalist Tony Momrelle, Classic Album Cuts on the 30, “Wind Up Yer Woofers” with a bassline that BOOM’S! And The Top 5@5, last weeks Solar Radio Sweet Rhythm Chart top 5!

Solar Radio on DAB in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton & Norwich

Sky Channel 0129

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  • Aiming At Your Heart by The Temptations
  • Feel So Right by Rene Rose
  • Give me some Emotion by Merry Clayton
  • Lighthouse by Tony Remy Ft Tony Momrelle
  • Close My Eyes by Incognito
  • Golden Lady by Reel People Ft Tony Momrelle
  • What Am I Gonna Do by Gloria Scott
  • Yes It’s You by Sweet Charles
  • Grant Green by Mr Jukes Ft Charles Bradley
  • Feel My Love by Slave
  • High Hopes by SOS Band
  • I Really Love You by Heaven & Earth
  • Come On by Phillip Brandon
  • Disco Chick by Kiki Kyte
  • Find It In your Heart by Michael McDonald
  • A Case of Too Much Love Makin’ by Gloria Scott
  • Falling In Love by Surface
  • Never Too Late by Lonnie Liston Smith
  • Am I The Same Girl by Dusty Springfield
  • Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid by Ketty Lester
  • (It’s Got To Be) Now Or Never by Little Dooley
  • The World (Is going up in Flames) by Charles Bradley
  • That’s My Lady (12″ Berlin Master Mix) by Cool Million Ft Gregers
  • Feeling The Love by Will Downing Ft Avery Sunshine
  • Long Distance (Remix) by Sir Piers & Frank McComb
  • Electric Love (Ft Jeff Lorber) by Dimitris & Sulene
  • Better Side by Kim Tibbs
  • The Love You Gave by Keni Stevens
  • That’s What You Said by Gloria Scott
  • Mama by Camera Soul
  • My Problem by Stan Mosley
  • Still a Friend of mine by Incognito
  • July by Tuxedo