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Leanne McCrei – Diane Shaw – Quincy Jones Ft Mary J Blige – AMY Whinehouse – Freda Payne – Linda Lewis – Barry White – Jody Watley & SRL (Alex Di Cio Rmx) – Shola Ama – Daniel Chia & Colin Watson – Sir Wick Ft Anthony Saunders & John Douglas – Stevie & Syreeta…….
“Windin’ up yer Woofers” is Graham Central Station…..
“The Jazz Duo” features Donald Byrd & Sivuca…..
“The Classic Soul Segway” with richardshortfs.co.uk comes from a Detroit double……
This week’s entry into “The Foot-Tappers & Head-Nodders Club” is De La Soul & Snoop D 0 double Gee….
Then of course there’s “Warnsey’s Choon of the Week” with crazybeat.co.uk You’re chance to win a record voucher!
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