Marc Collins & Andy Mason’s Chat n Choonz radio show, is a Jazz Funk Soul & RnB Extravaganza……
This week choonz from:
Maze Ft Frankie Beverley – Johnny Boy – Everett Official – K Avett – New York Port Authority – James Brown – Aretha Franklin – Ronnie Wright – Daniel March (Ashley Beadle Nth St Mix) – John ReidSteve Ripley ….
“Windin’ Up Yer Woofers” is Kleeer …..
“The Classic Soul Segway” with is a Treble Toe Tapper from The Tams …..
“The Jazz Duo” is from Lindsey Webster & Menagerie ……
and into “The Foot-Tappers & Head-Nodders Club” goes the second track from Lindsey Webster 😳 …….
Plus WIN a £10 record/CD voucher from by guessing correctly Warnsey’s “Choon of the Week”
Well done Jasmin Hall for correctly guessing last weeks as Tramaine Hawkins with “In The Morning” from 1983! A Crazy Beat record voucher is on the way!
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